FEAST Brands, LLC can help you start an online, delivery-only food business in minimum time.  

Discover the exciting alternative to typical ghost kitchen business models.    

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Where we come in.

Starting a food business from scratch can be a daunting task for anyone but especially a first-timer.  Through a consulting agreement, we offer a turn-key suite of tools, processes and mentoring necessary to start an online, delivery-only food business in minimum time using our popular and proven FEAST business model (below).  

Our comprehensive playbook enables you to quickly enter the marketplace with established know-how, confidence and experienced professionals backing you up at the most critical time in a start-up.


It's about momentum.  Think of this as the rocket fuel that can help launch your culinary business into orbit faster and better prepared than you otherwise could, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs in the process.

Camille Peeples, Owner & Executive Chef

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The FEAST Model 

The FEAST business model may utilize typical ghost kitchen facilities but it is anything but the typical ghost kitchen business model.  FEAST businesses are hyperlocal, independently owned and operated e-commerce entities that create authentic, superior-quality food products for home delivery each week with extraordinary personal service.  

The business model is mature, scalable and capable of focusing on a select few or many quality food products at once, depending on your objectives.  With little, if any, direct market competition, this model can bear fruit quickly.


Camille & Rob helped us set up our business.  They were by our side every step of the way from website development, marketing, recipes and a detailed process for our operation.  We are so thankful for the tools they provided to help us succeed and look forward to their help in the future.

Nick Couch, Owner & Executive Chef of NOSH Specialty Foods / Jackson, Mississippi

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Your new brand.

Your brand and content development and all the applications - the look and feel of your logo, website, product labeling, marketing and more – is one of the most impactful (and expensive) processes in a start-up.  Fortunately, our consulting agreement has it all covered:  a clever brand, a stylish website and engaging marketing content. 

We will assist you with developing a company identity that blends seamlessly with our existing branding. Then, we will make a copy of the existing FEAST retail website and update it with your new identity and domain name, and work directly with you to create custom page content that reflects your market objectives.  It's your site so you can make updates at any time as your business grows.


We Save You Time.

Let us help with the administrative chores while you concentrate on growing your new business.


Here at FEAST, we leverage our years of hands-on experience with this model to continuously search for delicious new ways to create superior-quality food products suitable for delivery.  We then pass these recipes on to all our clients.  


We can manage the weekly menu updates to your website and email, as well as administer your customer rewards program.  We can also provide routine IT housekeeping chores such as accounts monitoring and data backups. 


Let us help stay on top of your marketing and social media tasks by maintaining your calendar, scheduling posts and collaborating with you on new and routine advertising content, campaign strategies and more.  


We can design new product labels, new website pages, create new material for advertising campaigns and more.  We obviously know the brand, who better to help maintain that critical level of design consistency in all your collateral.


We continuously monitor a host of sources that inform our thoughts about the brand, the future of eating, best practices and more.  We then compile this information and share it with you in a way you can immediately put to use.


As your business grows, you will no doubt have new ideas about your brand, new products, markets and more.  We remain available to formally take a look at anything and provide you thoughtful and actionable insight along the way.

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What are ghost kitchens?

Also known as virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, dark kitchens or cloud kitchens, these food production facilities are proliferating across the country at a steady clip.  The events of the last two years have profoundly affected how we eat and obtain our food, and home meal delivery is at the fore of these changes.  

Ghost kitchens are making previously unavailable opportunities available for culinary entrepreneurs to rethink how to meet this demand with novel solutions that are ideally suited for this type of facility.   


Get in Touch Anytime....

We are here to answer your questions about our business model and how you can potentially save thousands of dollars in start-up costs by making FEAST Brands, LLC part of your business plan.  

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