I founded FEAST Specialty Foods™ in Houston, Texas, then called Fare Accompli, with the simple idea that superior-quality food products, authenticity and extraordinary personal service could be the lodestars of a fruitful e-commerce, delivery-only food business. Over eight years in two consecutive cities, FEAST successfully prepared and delivered somewhere north of 75,000 gourmet meals to an eager audience deeply appreciative of healthy eating and artisanal culinary values.

Having delivered its last meal, FEAST is now FEAST Brands, LLC, a culinary consulting group with a singular aim in mind: helping you start and grow a successful online, delivery-only food business in your community. We offer a fully-tooled company playbook and a lot of know-how, all wrapped in a successful brand that has delighted many loyal customers over the years.

If you're contemplating a career change into the food business, please spend some time on our website and see where we can help you make that transition and potentially save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs in the process.

Camille Peeples, Owner & Executive Chef