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The Brand

First impressions do matter, especially when selling food online. In today’s digital world, nothing will cast doubt on your credibility faster than a poorly conceived brand, such as a logo that looks like it was created on a do-it-yourself site or a website that looks like it was handed off to a relative because they’re ‘good with computers.’ Customers will see right through an unsophisticated branding effort and tie it to the quality of your food products.

The FEAST brand, the look and feel of our logo, website, marketing collateral and more, was explicitly designed to convey quality, authenticity and personal connection: our three lodestars. It is minimalist by design to emphasize the individual products and services.

With the assistance of a graphics designer, we will work with you to create a logo for your new company that blends seamlessly with our existing brand, thereby giving you the complete visual package for your website, product labels, marketing collateral and more.

The Website

The FEAST retail website reflects this minimalist approach and results from a careful collaboration between business owner, customer and marketing professionals.

Impression – The colors of the branded palette, professional photography and easy-to-understand graphics are used throughout, resulting in intuitive navigation. This website is a close cousin of the retail site in terms of look and feel.

Functionality – The site is designed with the customer foremost in mind: simple and straightforward to navigate and securely checkout for even the most technically challenged.

Administration – It effectively supports promoting and selling a wide range of food products and services and has useful internal marketing features and excellent reporting tools. The backend functions are distinct and easy to manage.

Using your new domain name, we work directly with you to carefully build out a new website 1 with your new business identity, compelling narrative, additional stock or custom-shoot photography 2 and other content that reflects your specific business objectives and values and that speaks to your target market.

We can create new pages as needed, add new graphics and more, whatever will best reflect you and your unique brand and help you sell your food products. And, of course, we train you to use all the relevant features and functions. Ultimately, it's 100% your website to update and grow and we are not referenced anywhere on it.

Contact us anytime at 713.858.5468 or INFO(at)FEAST-BRANDS.COM for more information and a guided walkthrough of the FEAST retail website and how we can make it yours.


1 – Our e-commerce platform experience has been predominantly with Volusion, primarily because of their convenient all-in-one services approach and ease of use. That said, our content is easily adaptable to just about any other e-commerce platform should you have another one in mind.

2- We have a limited portfolio of professionally shot, commercial kitchen-related photography available for use. You can also use commercial stock images effectively, which are relatively inexpensive to purchase. To personalize your site and increase connection with your customers, we recommend a shot or two of you or you and your team. A professional photographer is always best but you can get decent results with newer smartphones or tablets with a bit of practice. Additional commercial stock images, most of which are licensed, and any professional photography are not included in the agreement.