So...how does this work?

FEAST Brands, LLC, is a culinary consulting firm with a singular aim: helping you realize your dream of starting and growing an online, delivery-only food business to serve your community while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs in the process.

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Why should I consider FEAST Brands, LLC as part of my business plan?
Suppose you’re considering launching an online, delivery-only food business that offers healthy, superior-quality food products. Well, we’ve successfully done that already in two large markets with more than ten years of experience at it. We can help you do the same thing in minimum time based all or in part on our proven FEAST business model, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

We focus on setting up your company with those up-front items that can consume large amounts of time and capital by blending your culinary business ideas with what we've already created and perfected. We also focus on helping you make the best business decisions while minimizing unnecessary expenses due to unforced errors during those critical first six months.

Specifically, how does FEAST Brands, LLC reduce my start-up costs?
By leveraging our experience, you can get up and running far more quickly than you otherwise could on your own because much of what we have to offer can take months and a lot of capital to develop from scratch with multiple vendors involved, in addition to your own time.

Our baseline consulting agreement includes a clever brand, website and email setup with engaging custom content, print-ready marketing collateral with same, kitchen and business office tools developed over years and much, much more for substantially less than you might otherwise spend if you hired individual vendors to create, write and deliver everything or tried to do it yourself. It’s a lot, but we can provide all of it in just a few short weeks, not months.

And remember, also included are up to six months of mentoring and on-demand consultation on how to use it all.

What exactly is the FEAST business model?
The full-feature FEAST business model is an online food delivery service that starkly contrasts traditional ghost kitchen models in nearly every way. Yet it uses ghost kitchen-like facilities to operate. With little discernable direct competition, the model thrives on the alignment of superior-quality food products, authenticity and extraordinary personal service.

It’s proven, scalable, and capable of focusing on a select few or many quality food products at once, depending on your objectives. Unlike most ghost kitchen models, designed for speed and on-demand production, the FEAST model allows you time and space to explore your creative culinary instincts, regularly develop new and unique flavors for your food products and directly engage your customers. And relish in no nights/no weekends.

Go to THE FEAST MODEL page to learn more about how this exciting alternative business model works, the most popular products and its full potential.

Do your menu offerings bind me in any way? What if I have my own ideas?
They do not. While we do have a robust inventory of delivery-tested, crowd-favorite RECIPES available of all types, developed over the years, we have purposefully kept them separate from the baseline consulting agreement for this very reason.

However, remember that not all recipes are necessarily portable without some alteration. As part of the agreement, we will help you create a menu designed specifically for delivery or advise on which of your existing recipes may need to be rethought and help tweak the preparation process.

Is this a franchise?
No. This is a fixed cost, six-month consulting agreement between your business entity and ours. We have no direct involvement with your business, there are no recurring fees based on sales and you are not bound by any particular feature of the model. In fact, you are encouraged to build on it over time to grow your business in any direction that makes sense for you and your objectives. We’re simply here to share our tools and experience with you so that you can quickly launch your business with confidence and grow it that much faster.

How does the branding work?
Done correctly, creating a new brand can be one of the highest-cost line items in a start-up and one of the most impactful, so it’s essential to spend smartly and get it right. Along with website content, it’s also one of the biggest single cost savers for you in our consulting agreement.

FEAST Brands, LLC’s current branding – that is, the look and feel of our logos, our websites and emails, marketing collateral, product labeling and more – was professionally conceived to convey a sense of quality, authenticity and personal connection, our three lodestars.

With your input and the assistance of a graphics designer, we will create several appealing logo options for you to choose from using your company name that will blend seamlessly with the existing branded website, email and marketing collateral. In this way, all the heavy lifting has already been done, and you save big on an important start-up item. Go to the BRANDING & RETAIL WEBSITE page to learn more.

Specifically, what is included in the baseline agreement?
Your consulting agreement includes all the tools, processes and instruction necessary to get started and grow the FEAST business model, including up to six months of ongoing mentoring and on-demand consultation. Go to the WHAT'S IN THE COOLER? page to see the complete list.

Can I use the FEAST Specialty Foods™ name and logo?
Yes. FEAST Brands, LLC owns the rights via registered trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office and can license its use under a separate agreement. Go to the WHAT'S IN THE COOLER? page and scroll to the bottom to learn more.

What are the costs to me?
Each client will have different business objectives for us to address and respond to, so a one-price-fits-all approach is neither practical nor fair. In general terms, though, the one-time costs to you are about a third (or less) of what you might otherwise spend if you hired individual vendors to create, write and deliver everything described in the agreement - without any mentoring or consultation.

Do you offer additional business support services?
Yes. Administrative tasks can overwhelm the time needed to devote to operations in a small business. For minimal monthly fees, we can help manage your weekly email and website updates, customer loyalty program, graphic design needs or social media and marketing support. And we’re always available to provide additional formal consulting beyond the initial agreement period. Go to the HOMEPAGE and scroll down to see a complete list of support services we offer. What better partners to have on your side than the ones who developed the model?

Do you work with entrepreneurs in the cottage foods world?
Yes. Many of our tools and processes directly apply to this rapidly growing niche industry. We can quickly assemble a discounted version of our commercial consulting agreement that is appropriately scaled for the COTTAGE FOODS industry in the more than 35 states that currently permit online cottage foods sales.

What happens once the initial agreement period is over?
You can remain an active, no-cost client of FEAST Brands, LLC beyond the agreement period. Enjoy new, delivery-tested recipes that we regularly develop and offer all our clients, along with the accompanying MasterCook software files. And we’ll keep you updated on the latest culinary market and trend research and analysis, new ideas, useful and exciting articles, best practices and more. We’re always looking for delicious new ideas to make this model better and more productive, and you’ll be the first to hear about them!

OK, you had me at bon appétit. What are next steps?
We understand the decision to start a new business is a big one, so we’re happy to schedule a video call or telecon with you for up to an hour to explain more about the FEAST business model, our pricing, our work products and the other services we offer in more detail, and, of course, to answer any questions you may have. You must be comfortable with us and what we’re offering professionally for this to work. You may reach us at 713.858.5468 or INFO(at)FEAST-BRANDS.COM.