Cottage Foods Industry

More than two-thirds of the states now PERMIT COTTAGE FOODS SALES ONLINE. If you live in one of them, we offer a discounted version of our full-up, commercial consulting agreement that you can employ in the same way to launch a new online cottage foods business in minimum time or take an existing one online with a fully-branded website and other proven marketing tools. And if you ever decide to go commercial, the website and a whole lot more we have to offer are ready for that move, too.

We’ll work with you to create custom website content and marketing collateral unique to your business that will draw customers to your site and encourage them to order from your store. All costs to you are one-time associated with the consulting agreement; we do not assess fees on your sales or anything else. You deserve to keep everything you make!

Check out WHAT'S IN THE COOLER to see what all is available to you to choose from to build a package suitable for your cottage foods business.