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Are you someone who is or has…?

A genuine passion for all things culinary

Looking for a career change or new life challenge

An entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new things

Quality-minded in all respects

Highly organized and detail-oriented

Then own it, and make this model a success in YOUR community!

How We Can Help

FEAST Brands, LLC, is a culinary consulting group with a singular aim in mind: helping you realize your dream of starting and growing an online, delivery-only food business based all or in part on our proven FEAST business model, an idea founded upon superior-quality food products, authenticity and extraordinary personal service. We offer a fully-tooled company playbook and a lot of know-how, all wrapped in a successful brand that has delighted loyal customers since 2011.

We are the final ingredient in the fusion of entrepreneur, kitchen and e-commerce. We provide you with a robust package of proven tools and processes, both kitchen and business, and train you to use it all through a consulting agreement. Over your first six months in business, we’re there effectively helping you stay on task, optimize your time and make the best decisions regarding your products, business matters, marketing, equipment, staff, vendors and more.

These same tools and processes are also wholly adaptable to the COTTAGE FOODS industry. As such, we offer a similar agreement at a discount to operators in the more than 35 states that now permit sales of cottage foods online.

We can also take on routine support tasks that allow you more time to concentrate on growing your business (read more about this near the bottom of the HOMEPAGE).

Three Questions to Ask

If you’re seriously considering starting an online, delivery-only food business, please review the following information and then ask yourself these three questions:

What will I save in time and capital by having FEAST deliver everything described in the agreement?

How much time and capital will I avoid wasting through unforced errors by having FEAST available to consult with during my first six months?

How much faster will I get to profit if I make FEAST part of my business plan now?

Company FAQ Most common questions answered about the model, the agreement and more.

What's in the cooler?
What's in the cooler? An overview of what is included in the agreement.

20-Step Checklist
Our 20-step checklist for starting an online, delivery-only food business.

So Why Us?

Simple. Wouldn't you like to start year two on day one? With our FEAST business model, you can benefit from a proven brand and move directly to a higher level of productivity. As the ones who created it, we are in a unique position to not only offer the right tools but also help make them work effectively for you almost immediately.

With more than ten years of successful operating experience with the model in two large markets, we can help get you where you want to be far sooner than would otherwise be possible, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs in the process.

Get in touch anytime at 713.858.5468 or INFO(at)FEAST-BRANDS.COM to learn more about how you can get started with this versatile and exciting alternative business model for substantially less than trying to build something out yourself. We have the tools and experience to help you get a new business into orbit quickly!