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Customer Testimonials

We have enjoyed every meal that has been brought to our house. Every dish is delicious. Thanks for making our bodies healthier and our lives so much easier. – J.R

Just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed the dinners you delivered on Wednesday. I've tried several other services and your recipes and skills are by far the best. – E.M.

Wednesdays are my favorite night! Always a delicious dinner and it’s delivered right to my doorstep! – K.N.

We think you provide a great service that supplements our own cooking. Your meals are as good as any restaurant and fairly priced. – P.H.

Divine, I say, DIVINE. Treat yourself or a loved one. If you don't love her lasagna, we can't be friends! – L.S.

Steak taco salad = A + + + Outstanding! - S.S.

Sign us up for weekly service. Hands down the best piece of salmon I've ever put in my mouth! - J.H.

Dinner was delicious. I don’t know how you could have improved dinner for tonight. – B.G.

I am truly delighted by the food and the service. Many thanks. – C.F.

That smoked salmon salad and all its accouterments is the most absolutely delicious salad in the history of the world. - P.C.

Every meal has been a winner! I look forward to eating at home on Wednesday nights now. – E.M.

The meal was outstanding. Compliments to the chef!!!! – S.B.

This week's gazpacho was the best I've ever had. Flavorful & fresh with just a tiny hint of spice. Yummy!!! – M.L.

Just had the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for dinner. Should I admit I actually used my finger to clean the bowl? – K.N.

Delicious meal delivered to you! What's not to like? – M.J.

The Shrimp and brown rice dish was the very best ever -- so moist and profoundly delicious. The stuffed tomatoes were extra good also. – P.H.

The baked potato soup was incomparably delicious. Never have I eaten such delicious soup of any kind. I could absolutely eat my weight in it; my weight might change if I did that, but it would be worth it. – P.H.

A delicious dinner of Southwest Chicken Cakes, Mexican rice, and a beautiful salad! All delivered to our front door!! – S.W.

Your Macaroni and Cheese delivered yesterday was the most extraordinarily, stupendously delicious mac and cheese I have EVER eaten and one of the most delicious of anything I've ever eaten. I wish I could get some every week! – P.C.

Five stars for the Asian chicken salad!! – A.M.

A quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed the meals you delivered this week! We thought the salad was simply delicious. As one who fancies herself a foodie, I really appreciated the flavors, texture, portion size of each component, freshness, packaging with directions and list of ingredients. – I.A.

Who'da thought you could put bread crumbs on egg noodles?? And goat cheese on haricots verts?? YUM! Thank you once again for delicious meals. – A.M.

…dinner was fantastic!!! Wow! – J.P.

The presentation with easy explanation was great, and all tasted superb. – N.H.

Your dinners are delicious!!! I love what you do and how you do it! – J.P.

We had your first dinner last night and it was FABULOUS! Congratulations! Every piece of it was terrific, goat cheese crumbles, bread crumbs and all! – A.C.

It went together beautifully, was muy easy to reheat, and tasted like it has just been cooked that afternoon. Well done! – D.W.

Yummy…..and very generous…..will have salmon for lunch tomorrow…. – B.B.

Salmon dinner was very good and we have enough for a second meal. Remoulade added great taste and your rice is lovely. – S.C.

I’m just now eating some of that food….it’s (deleted) awesome!!!!!!! Best moist rice and flavorful pork loin I’ve ever had. Strike me stupid if I’m lyin!!!! – R.C.

Last night’s chicken dinner was FABULOUS!! Everything about it was wonderful. Kudos!!! Let’s do that one again soon!! – D.W.

Great job from beginning to end! – E.M.

Love it when the menu hits the spot. Your directions are good and delivery service is great! – B.C.

I am very happy with the service, quality, and taste of the food. Your instructions make this so easy for me to put together. Pure joy! – N.H.

Camille, so grateful to know you and your fabulous food. I no longer dread supper! Everything we have tried tastes homemade and delicious. And such generous portions! – L.S.

Meat loaf, roasted potatoes and a perfect green salad! We are happy at my house! – P.K.

I loved the layered herb cheese cake that you made. It was the hit of the party, and so festive and delicious! Thank you! – E.D.

We are serious dressing snobs. The dressing on shrimp cobb salad was outstanding!!! Loved it! – D.M.

Everything was wonderful this week, as usual, but the salad was a CELEBRATION! – M.B.

This is the first time I ate the Chicken Couscous Salad cold, and I love it. I prefer it that way to heated. And, of course, I love the Green Goddess soup. Wonderful supper. – P.H.

The Asian Chicken Salad was fabulous! – D.W.

The vegetable and quinoa soup is outstanding. My son is coming in town this weekend and he's going to fight me for it. It is just his kind of thing! – P.C.

We had the vegetable and quinoa soup tonight, and my husband said it was the best vegetable soup he’s ever had! (And he’s picky.) – L.M.

Oh, my goodness, the shrimp Cobb salad is so delicious. And the boiled egg was not only delicious in the salad but was such a bonus…the whole thing -- ultra yummy. – P.C.