What's in the cooler...?

Key Elements Included In The Baseline Agreement1


As a client of FEAST Brands, LLC, you will receive useful and relevant information from us regularly throughout the agreement period and beyond that can benefit your business such as market and trend research, interesting and useful articles, best practices, new recipes and more. We also offer additional fee-for-service options by way of administrative support so you can spend more time concentrating on growing your business. These include management of your website, email and customer rewards program, social media and marketing support, graphic design and additional formal consulting.

Recipes Are Available

We have a broad and robust inventory of crowd-favorite recipes developed specifically for delivery that are available for bundled purchase with or without a consulting agreement. See the RECIPE page for more details and the complete list.

FEAST Specialty Foods™ Name & Logo

If you have not settled on a company name yet, we encourage you to consider FEAST Specialty Foods™ for your culinary business identity, a witty and wildly functional double entendre of a name that flows through to everything in the business model. It’s a highly versatile moniker that can repeatedly feed your marketing collateral, email subject lines and much, much more. FEAST Brands, LLC owns the rights via registered trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office and can license its use to you via a separate agreement. And to protect your interests, we will not make a similar agreement with any other entities near your community that could present competition to your business.

Get in touch anytime at 713.858.5468 or
INFO@FEAST-BRANDS.COM to learn more about how you can get started with this versatile and exciting alternative business model for substantially less than trying to build something out yourself. We have the tools and experience to help you get a new business into orbit quickly!


1 – additional material may be offered or available depending on business objectives / all documents and templates referenced here are delivered customized to your business and fully editable / as part of the start-up process, we will assist as needed to help establish your vendor accounts such as your e-commerce website, merchant and credit card processing, email, and suppliers and vendors

2 – using our retail WEBSITE as the starting point, we will work with you to edit the page content and create new written or graphical content that reflects your products, business objectives and core values (please contact us for a guided walkthrough of the retail website) / we will train you on all relevant website and email tasks such as making weekly product updates, compiling orders, managing accounts and contacts and much more / you are responsible for all related website and email hosting and plan fees

3 - also includes custom editing and additional written or graphical content creation as needed for website, email, marketing collateral and product labels, advertising content for social media, content for retention, referral and win-back strategies, press kit, customer survey content / content revisions during the agreement period / you are responsible for ordering all printed material (we can advise on the best vendors for each item)

4 - as needed or requested throughout the six-month agreement period / assistance with menu design and recipe development, business or product review, business document review

5 – includes all checklists and processes needed to support the model’s day-by-day kitchen operations / development of new tools and processes as needed to support your unique kitchen operations

6 - includes all checklists and processes needed to support the model’s day-by-day business operations / product pricing worksheets / SWOT and other analysis tools, baseline MVV statement and staff position descriptions / development of new tools and processes to support your unique business operations